Wund-D.A.CH – The umbrella organization of German-speaking wound healing societies

Wund-D.A.CH is an umbrella organization of German-speaking associations and groups, who are engaged in the field of the "management of acute and chronic wounds". The organization was founded by specialized associations, including AWA from Austria, ICW e.V. from Germany and SAfW from Switzerland. The headquarters of the Wund-D.A.CH is in Vienna.

The aim of the organization is to promote wound care in theory and practice in all German-speaking countries and regions of Europe. Wund-D.A.CH is an expert association, which publishes transnational guidelines and publications on the topic of wound healing and organizes important congresses. The focus of Wund-D.A.CH is to develop research and teaching.

For further information please visit www.wunddach.com.


Wound Healing Organisation
Postfach 6
A 1106 Wien

Telephone +43 (0)1 602 25 48